IMPORTANT UPDATE – NEW Debit Card Migration


Wexford Credit Union – NEW Debit Card & NEW PIN Number

Dear Member/(s), 

We are replacing your “MYCU” Debit Card issued by UAB Payrnet with a new Current Account Debit Card issued by Transact Payments Malta Limited. You can activate and start using your new Card once you receive it in the post. Your existing “MYCU Debit Card” will stop working from Tuesday, April 11th, 2023. There will be no change to your Current account number or IBAN details and no impact on any of your existing Standing Orders and Direct Debits set up on your current Account with us. Please be assured that we have taken and will continue to take steps to ensure the transition will be completed with minimum disruption to your Debit Card.

There will be no material change to your Current Debit Card Terms and Conditions and Schedule of Fees and Charges. The following changes to the wording of your Current Account and Debit Card Terms and Conditions will take place:

  1. Reference to “MYCU Current Account” will be replaced by “Current Account.”
  2. Reference to the old Card Issuer, “UAB Payrnet” will be replaced with “Transact Payments Malta Limited”- the new Card Issuer.

The Card Services Number, which you can contact 24/7/365, will change to (01) 693 3333, and this will also be included on the back of your New Debit Card.

Click on the following links to access the New Current Account and Debit Card Terms and Conditions and Schedule of Fees and Charges. If you wish to request a paper copy of the terms and conditions, please call our office on 053 912 3909. Continued use of your Current Account after this notification is deemed as acceptance of the revised Current Account Card Terms and Conditions. Activation of the new Debit Card is deemed as acceptance of the updated Debit Card Terms and Conditions.

Action steps you need to take once you receive your Card

  1. Sign the back of the Card.
  2. Send a text to the number provided in the letter accompanying your new Debit Card to retrieve your new PIN. Please note your existing PIN will NOT work with your new Card. Once the New Card is activated with the NEW PIN, you can change your PIN number at any ATM.
  3. Commence using your new Debit Card and cut up your old MYCU Debit Card.
  4. If you use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Fitbit Pay, you must set these up with your NEW card Details. Your old Card will stop working with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Fitbit Pay from Monday, April 10th, 2023.
  5. If you have recurring card payments set up using your existing MYCU debit card these will stop from midnight on Monday, April 10th, 2023 (A recurring card payment is a regular payment taken from your Account using your card details instead of your account number and sort code. They’re often used for subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, gym memberships). These payments must be re-established using your New Debit Card on Tuesday, April 11th.

What Wexford Credit Union will do next

  • We will issue you a series of reminders via text message to your phone to activate your Card.
  • Our card services team may contact you to confirm you have received your new debit card and assist with any queries.

If you will be away traveling between April 3rd, 2023 and April 12th, 2023, and have not received your New Debit Card before your departure, please contact us at 053 912 3909 to discuss options on how we can best support you during the card transition period.

If you have any queries on the above, don’t hesitate to contact our members’ services team at 053 912 3909, who will be more than happy to assist you.

Yours sincerely

The WCU Team.