Wexford Credit Union Mobile App

IT’S LANDED! We are thrilled to launch our new Wexford Credit Union App for our members – available to download from the App Store or Google Play. We understand that online banking has become even more critical to our members during this past year. That’s why we do everything that we can to make your banking life that little bit easier. Our fantastic new App gives you the ability to access your accounts from anywhere 24/7 and one of the best features of our new App is that it uses thumbprint or facial recognition.

Our mobile app “Wexford Credit Union” gives you the ability to:

  • Access your accounts from anywhere 24/7
  • Fast and secure access to your account
  • Pay bills at a time convenient to you
  • Transfer funds to different accounts
  • View all your account balances
  • Scroll quickly through your transaction history

Please note:

logon details for the App (username, password, and pin) are the same as your current login details for access to your CU Online accounts. Once you are registered and have your username, password, and pin you are ready to use our app.

If you are not registered you can now register now on the app. CU online soon!