Arthearts – Home Is Where The Heart Is

16 May, 2023

Arthearts – Home Is Where The Heart Is

We are so thrilled to announce our collaboration with local artist Mary Wallace. As a thank you, we will present Mary’s Artheart prints to our members who will take out a mortgage with us. Here is what Mary had to say:

“I am delighted to create these special edition Arthearts for Wexford Credit Union. When I heard their by-line – Wexford Credit Union at the heart of the community – the idea came to me pretty much straight away—seeing an Artheart in every new homemade so much sense. Inspired by emotion and feelings, these pieces are complex despite the simplicity of form: evoking love, friendship, memories, hopes, desires, happiness, and empathy—all you could wish for in your new home.”

About Mary Wallace

Local artist Mary Wallace began exhibiting in 2000. Wexford Festival Opera and Art Source are her main calendar events. She is a partner in The Makers House located in the Creative Hub. Inspired by the ancient Japanese practice of kintsugi, reassembling broken pottery pieces using gold; and wabi sabi, embracing imperfection, her work becomes a contemporary metaphor for healing and rebirth. Suffused with symbolism around fracture, repair and preciousness: this work is of our time. Reaching back to ancient media- wax encaustic, egg tempera, gold – Wallace’s vibrant use of colour suspended in beeswax makes for an opulent visual experience when paired with pure gold.

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