Members Car Draw

Wexford Credit Union holds a member’s draw to win a car four times yearly.

To enter the draw, ask a staff member for an entry form or download it HERE and return it to our office.

Each draw costs €5.00. To enter the draw, you will authorise us to withdraw this amount from your savings in advance of each quarterly draw; this will continue automatically until you request, in writing, to be removed from the draw.

The draw will take place in our office in Anne Street to pick the winner.

Winners will be notified by phone and, if subsequently, by post.

Terms and conditions

  • Entry is limited to one person per account
  • Participation in the draw is limited to eligible Wexford Credit Union Limited members who are 18 years of age or over on or before the draw date.
  • The draw must be self-financing, and non-profit making and any surplus funds will be disposed of by way of extra draws. All legitimate expenses and overheads relating to the setting up and operation of the draw will be borne by the draw fund.
  • The make and model of the car will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Cash will not be provided in lieu of any prize.
  • The Board, Board Oversight Committee and Wexford Credit Union Limited staff will not be liable for any mechanical or otherwise defects that may be found in any vehicle supplied. Cars supplied will be subject to the normal warranty issued by the manufacturers.
  • All draws will be held publically in the offices of the Credit Union, under the supervision of an independent scrutineer of Wexford Credit Union and at least one member chosen at random. Prize presentation will be held in locations as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • A register of entrants will be maintained at the Credit Union offices. The winning members will be notified and winner’s names and photograph will be displayed in the Credit Union offices, be published on the website and may appear in other Credit Union related publications and the local media.
  • Application and authorisation forms for membership of the draw must be completed in full prior to participation. Terms and conditions must also be accepted and no entry is valid until fees are paid and credited in advance.
  • The decision of the Board of Directors concerning the interpretation of the foregoing rules on any matter pertaining to the draw will be final and not subject to appeal.
  • Entry fee is €5 per draw. This amount is deducted from the member’s shares immediately prior to the draw.
  • At present, the Board of Directors has approved a quarterly draw. A change in frequency will be notified to members in advance. Officers of the credit union are permitted to enter the draw except those officers who participate in the operation of the draw.