Annual Report 2022

Wexford Credit Union Limited Annual Report 2022 pdficon_small

Direct Debits & Standing Orders

Standing Order Form pdficon_small

Direct Debit Form pdficon_small


cuOnline+ Guidelines


RPI Unemployment Continuation Form pdficon_small

RPI Accident and Sickness Continuation Form pdficon_small

RPI Unemployment Claim Form pdficon_small

RPI Accident and Sickness Claim Form pdficon_small


Mortgage Applications

Home Loan Checklist

Employee Status Report 

Mortgage Arrears

Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP)

Standard Financial Statement

Guide to Completing the Standard Financial Statement

Abhaile Free Mortgage Arrears Information Booklet

Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears – A consumer Guide

Other Member Forms

Members Car Draw Form

CRS – Personal Certification Form

DE1 Form – Application to have deposit interest paid without deduction of DIRT

Mandate to Operate an Incorporated or Unincorporated account

Information for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Information Booklet for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Financial Difficulty

Member Information & Regulatory Documents

DL Nominations WXCU

Wexford Credit Union Ltd Standard Rules 2021pdficon_small

WCU Framework Contract 2021 pdficon_small

Wexford Credit Union Limited Complaints Procedure pdficon_small

A Consumer Guide to the Central Credit Register pdficon_small

Cost Recoveries pdficon_small

Deposit Guarantee Scheme Information Sheet pdficon_small

Dat Protection Information & Documents

Rights Request Form – Data Protection pdficon_small

Fair Processing Notice (FPN) Public v. July 2022 pdficon_small

Fair Processing Notice (Minors)pdficon_small

Recruitment Privacy Notice pdficon_small

Data Protection Officer Contact Information pdficon_small