What is the Decision Support Service?

The Decision Support Service

The Decision Support Service promotes the rights and interests of people needing decision-making support. They register decision support arrangements and supervise decision supporters.


  • Capacity is assessed in a time-specific and issue-specific way.
  • The wards of the court system for adults will be abolished.
  • Adult wards of court will have their cases reviewed and will exit wardship within three years.
  • The Act provides a new three-tier support framework to support a person’s decision-making about property and affairs and personal welfare.
  • There are new ways for everyone to plan in case we lose our ability to make certain decisions in future.
  • New guiding principles emphasise privacy, autonomy, and respect for a person’s will and preferences.

  • To promote awareness and provide information about the Act.
  • To regulate and register decision support arrangements.
  • to supervise the actions of the legally appointed “decision supporters.”
  • to maintain panels of suitable persons to carry out certain functions under the Act.
  • To publish codes of practice.
  • To investigate complaints about decision supporters and arrangements.
Where can I get further information?

How To Enquire

For further information, please visit www.decisionsupportservice.ie

If you would like more information please contact Wexford Credit Union today.

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